1. What is the purpose of this Plan?

    The plan will replace the City’s 2001 Bikeways and Trails Master Plan. It will recommend ways to improve walking, bicycling and trails in the City and help the City seek grant money to implement the Plan recommendations.

  2. What is active transportation?

    Active transportation is any human-powered mode of travel, primarily walking and bicycling.

  3. What modes of transportation does the plan consider?

    The plan will focus on the needs of people who walk and bike on Livermore’s streets, sidewalks and trails.

  4. What is the project area?

    The plan area is the entire City of Livermore, including trails.

  5. How will the plan be used?

    The plan will be used to guide future walking and biking improvements, and will help the City apply for grant money to implement the recommendations.

  6. Who is working on the plan?

    A Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) and a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) have been set up to help guide development of the plan. The planning process is being led by the City, with the assistance of consultants (Alta Planning + Design, with support from Kimley-Horn, Circlepoint, and LSA Associates).

  7. How can I get involved?

    Check out the Get Involved page for more information on providing input. We will hold several public meetings throughout the process. You can sign up now to receive updates.